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After wrapping up my marathon this spring, I’ve determined it is time to run one other one this fall – and I am aiming to beat my time!

Let me take you thru what my summer season marathon coaching routine will seem like, together with how I gas and recuperate from that coaching.

As I spotlight fueling and restoration routine, I’ve partnered with the Canadian Beverage Affiliation (CBA) to showcase the function of 100{15258f04417b29b72e765cf9884e578a656500e4e230ff1685eb65d607b27624} juice in my food regimen for Juice Celebration Month. 100{15258f04417b29b72e765cf9884e578a656500e4e230ff1685eb65d607b27624} juice is implausible gas and restoration for my exercises as a result of pure sugar content material (the quickest gas), electrolytes and the water content material – ​​extra on that shortly.

Let me begin by explaining the coaching routine:


My coaching will probably be consisting of about 5 exercise days every week, with two relaxation days. These exercises will encompass:

Weekly Lengthy Runs

The weekly lengthy runs are key to constructing endurance. I will probably be doing them on Saturdays most weekends. These runs I take at a slower tempo, as I’m working to construct my distance again up slowly. I’ll improve the gap of those by not more than 10{15258f04417b29b72e765cf9884e578a656500e4e230ff1685eb65d607b27624} every week.

Simple Restoration Runs
These runs I will probably be doing about twice per week. The aim of those is to get my physique used to operating on drained legs. They are going to be completed after my lengthy runs and after a pace exercise all through the week. They may also assist pace up my restoration from these runs.

Pace ​​Work
Speedwork is definitely some of the essential components of marathon coaching (along with endurance and power coaching, after all). It will get you out of your consolation zone, forces you to run with extra environment friendly kind, teaches you restoration instruments, and prepares you for the push of adrenaline you may expertise on race day. When you at all times practice on the similar pace, you may’t anticipate to race any otherwise. Pace ​​exercises additionally assist improve your VO2 max, or how effectively your physique makes use of oxygen. The extra oxygen you may eat and use correctly all through your run, the longer you can maintain a tempo.

I will probably be doing about two periods of interval/ speedwork throughout marathon coaching.

Power Coaching
Personally, that is what I’ve to work on. Power coaching would not come naturally to me. Nonetheless, operating sooner requires stronger muscle mass. Your legs, hips, and core all should be robust to prop you ahead with extra energy in every step. I am incorporating two power coaching periods per week via movies from Youtube or the Pelaton app. My desire is to make use of physique weight power coaching exercises or mild weights.


Fueling appropriately is equally vital as doing the right coaching. Particularly within the heat, summer season months, when your physique is working further exhausting through the exercises.

I’ll do my straightforward runs fasted, nevertheless I must have gas in my physique through the lengthy runs and pace exercises. I additionally carry gas with me throughout my lengthy runs. The right pre-run and during-run gas is 100{15258f04417b29b72e765cf9884e578a656500e4e230ff1685eb65d607b27624} juice. Let me clarify why.

100{15258f04417b29b72e765cf9884e578a656500e4e230ff1685eb65d607b27624} juice accommodates solely naturally occurring sugar from fruit. The sugar content material in a single 250 ml glass of orange juice is about the identical as two medium oranges. I desire to drink juice proper earlier than a future vs consuming the entire fruit, as a result of I do not want the fiber earlier than a run. Having fiber earlier than a run can decelerate the pace that our physique can uptake or use the sugar for gas. An excessive amount of fiber may result in gastrointestinal cramps – which isn’t fascinating throughout a future.

Through the summer season lengthy runs, I like to make a selfmade electrolyte drink with 100{15258f04417b29b72e765cf9884e578a656500e4e230ff1685eb65d607b27624} fruit juice. 100{15258f04417b29b72e765cf9884e578a656500e4e230ff1685eb65d607b27624} fruit juice is a good supply of important vitamins and phytonutrients. In truth, those that drink 100{15258f04417b29b72e765cf9884e578a656500e4e230ff1685eb65d607b27624} fruit juice have a greater high quality food regimen than individuals who do not! Individuals who drink fruit juice have larger intakes of nutritional vitamins A, C, folate and magnesium. The 100{15258f04417b29b72e765cf9884e578a656500e4e230ff1685eb65d607b27624} fruit juice electrolyte drink will exchange minerals misplaced in sweat and in addition present the wanted hydration for through the run.

My favourite selfmade sports activities drink is under. Merely combine every part collectively and retailer in pitcher.

  • 2 cups of 100{15258f04417b29b72e765cf9884e578a656500e4e230ff1685eb65d607b27624} juice (my desire is Orange Juice)
  • 2 cups chilly water
  • 2 lemons, juiced
  • tsp salt
  • 1 tsp magnesium citrate

Proper after my lengthy runs, it is vital to gas inside a half hour – I normally make a smoothie once I get residence with (you guessed it) 100{15258f04417b29b72e765cf9884e578a656500e4e230ff1685eb65d607b27624} fruit juice, a banana and a few protein powder. I’ll then have a full meal an hour or two later with carbohydrates, veggies and protein.

There you’ve gotten it – my summer season exercise and fueling routine! Thanks once more to the Canadian Beverage Affiliation for working with me to carry you this publish. I hope this has supplied some data for a way 100{15258f04417b29b72e765cf9884e578a656500e4e230ff1685eb65d607b27624} fruit juice could be a part of and improve your nutritious diet.