Reasons To Get A New Washing Machine

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A washing machine is a crucial piece of equipment for every home. As efficient as the best washing machines can be, they do not last forever, with even better and more efficient ones developed each year. If your old machine has been acting up or you are contemplating getting a better, feature-rich, more efficient one, it then might be time to get a new one. Maybe you never had a washing machine before, now might be the best time to get one. Outlined below are some of the advantages and reasons to get a new washing machine.

1. Cleaner Clothes

Newer washing machines are more efficient at cleaning your clothes than older-generation ones. In addition to this, most machines aren’t as capable of removing dirt and stains as they were when new. If you notice your clothes still have stains even after running them in the electric washing machine severally, chances are their internals are worn out, making them inefficient. Investing in a new machine can help solve all your cleaning problems. Going for a new machine means you can enjoy the latest cleaning technology and features that older machines lack. Modern washing machines come with features that make it possible to clean all types of fabrics; you only need to choose the correct settings. This eliminates the need to hand wash some of your clothes or specific parts of the same.

2. Saves Time

Your busy work-life schedule leaves you with little time to handle most of your house chores, including cleaning. Most of us hardly find time to do laundry, making it almost impossible to get to the laundry mat on time. Getting a new washing machine can, however, save you lots of valuable time. For starters, modern washing machines come equipped with auto timers, meaning they can run with no human intervention. All you need is to load the drum and set. The washing machine will cycle and even drain the water automatically. It is also worth mentioning newer washing machines are faster too. They can handle a full load in half or even less time than your older machine. Thanks to the rapid cycle, you can have all your clothes washed within a matter of minutes.

3. Modern Washing Machines Run Silently

Washing machines 5 years and older are known to be noisy with annoying beeping sounds. Modern machines have been fine-tuned and updated, enabling them to run unnoticed in the background. This thus means you can get shut-eye or uninterrupted sleep while the machine runs in the evening. Current machines also use quieter and more efficient motors that are almost inaudible when running. They are also well-insulated to minimize vibrations even further. This gives you the peace and quiet you need after a hard day at work.

4. Saves You Money

As counterintuitive as it might sound, getting a new washing machine can save you lots of money in the long run. Washing machines have long been known to be power-hungry, translating to high energy bills every month. This is because older motors and other parts used in these machines were inefficient, wasting much of the energy, hence the huge energy bills. Modern washing machines use upgraded and more energy-efficient motors with intelligent times that help cut energy consumption to almost half. The best Energy Star-rated washing machine uses far less energy than the same type of machine but is 5 years old. Investing in a modern, energy-efficient washing machine will see your monthly energy bills reduce remarkably, hence higher long-term savings. With skyrocketing energy bills, it is only wise for one to invest in the most energy-efficient appliances for their home.